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About Us

What is Trackability?

Trackability is a goal tracking app for people living with a disability and their key supports. Short-term and realistic goals are set and tracked and notifications are sent quarterly, triggering users to enter the app and rate the progress towards the participant's goals by scoring it between 1 and 10 and leaving a note.

Who Sets The Goals And Checks In?

This is up to the participant. The participant's Trackability profile can be shared with their key supports to view and edit. In most cases, the Support Coordinator or Recovery Coach will work out the participants short term goals and review the goals quarterly. Any other key supports are also encouraged to leave notes relating to the participant's progress.

What Happens With This Information?

The purpose of the Trackability is to track growth, progress and maintain accountability as well as assisting the participant to build their strength and capacity. The information provided is turned into real-time statistics that will benefit all parties.

Our Vision

  • Key supports can have a clear outlook on what services are required to help the participant work towards their short term goals. Participants and will seek service providers that track a participant's progress towards their goals using Trackability, being aware of Trackability will show that the provider values accountability.
  • Key supports of the participant can have shared access to view the goals and progress to ensure they are happy with the services the participant is receiving. They are also able to leave notes regarding the progress.
  • The participant has better control over their plan, their supports, and their direction.
  • Data is collected over a period of time and shown in the form of graphs. The information gathered is presented in graphs, the statistics can help determine if the participant requires further support and will be beneficial for plan reviews and ensuring adequate supports are being received to fulfil the life of the NDIS participant.


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Frequently asked questions

Trackability can be claimed as Assistive Technology out of your CORE – Consumables budget.

No, Trackability will only compliment your current NDIS goals by allowing you to track and map your progress.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly team at Trackability.